Doctors urge high-risk groups to schedule cancer screenings

Cancer screenings came to a screeching halt in the past 10 months - yet another side effect of the pandemic. Doctors are now urging people in high risk groups not to skip such checkups.

Dr. Joshua Ofman, who is a chief medical officer for the cancer screening company Grail, said since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a precipitous decline in cancer screenings, which dropped as much as 85 percent since March.

As a result, the National Cancer Institute predicted an additional 10,000 deaths from breast and colon cancers throughout the next decade.

“And it’s just tragic,” Ofman said. “We’re already losing this war against cancer, and now people are not getting their cancer screenings, which is the best way to find cancer early.”

Dr. Ofman said that early cancer detection is the best way to cure cancer, and added that new technology can look for cancer signals in your blood, making for a simpler solution.

“And our test gallery, for example, can detect over 50 different types of cancer with a single blood test, and can do it really accurately,” Offman said.

He also said at the very least, people at high risk for cancer should not skip screenings simply out of fear of going to clinics and hospitals.