Fauci says US 'can and should' vaccinate this many adults by end of summer


Dr. Anthony Fauci gave an update on the COVID-19 vaccine after President Joe Biden's announced his plan to vaccinate 100 million within his first 100 days in office.

The US “can and should” vaccinate 70-85% of adults by the end of the summer, The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told CNN on Thursday.

Dr. Fauci, who received his first vaccination shot in December of 2020, hopes this level of vaccination should allow life to return to a form of normalcy by the end of 2021.

"When you put .... the pedal to the floor, you can get it done," Fauci stated.

If the United States is able to administer 1 million shots per day, which is the vaccination rate required for President Joe Biden to achieve his goal of 100 million shots in the first 100 days in office, 75% of adults in the US would be vaccinated by the end of the year, according to CNN analysis.

"I'd like it to be a lot more," Fauci said. "The goal [of 100 million shots in 100 days] was set, but you don't want to get fixated on, 'Was that an undershoot or an overshoot?'"

"If we can do better than that, which I personally think we likely will, then great."

The infectious disease specialist has been adamant about encouraging people to get vaccinated, despite recent challenges with distributing and administering shots.

"The only way to solve a problem is to own it," Fauci said Thursday. "Everybody wear a mask. Everybody adhere to the public health measures. Get the vaccine out as expeditiously as possible. Do everything we can to get the doses available and to get them into people's arms."

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