3 Ways to Grow Your Small Business's Audience on Social Media

Social Media Audience
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By Small Business Pulse

Acquiring many followers is something every small business owner strives for on social media. Growing a social media audience is no simple task though. It takes time and continual work. Each social media platform truly caters to different demographics and has a unique reason for existence, which is very important to keep in mind when trying to grow your social media audience. For instance, it’s known that Pinterest tends to cater more to women than men. Facebook on the other hand has a more diverse audience, as well as more extensive uses.

As social media continues to explode into the mainstream, entrepreneurs are often unsure of how to grow their social media audiences. These three methods shed some insight into ways to do just that.

Make it easy
One of the easiest and often overlooked ways to gain more social media followers is to make connecting simple and straight forward. People are already so busy with constant information that unless something can be accessed in one or two clicks, they likely won’t take action. Have social media icons easily visible and accessible, and be sure they are clickable with the proper link. From websites to emails, display your business’s social media icons, but also link them directly to each social media platform. It is very frustrating to click on a Facebook icon to later find out the link is broken or for another site. If you make users have to search for your business's social media page, you likely lost them as a follower.

Incentives and contests
People love free stuff and discounts, which can be offered as an incentive for liking your social media page. It can be anything from a coupon to a free consult for those providing various services. There are many apps that can even create a landing page. On Facebook, you can set up your page to immediately generate a coupon once a user clicks the like button. One such program that offers that is Constant Contact with their Social Campaigns app.

Another great way to gain new followers is by running a social media contest. Typically when small businesses run these they require the contestants to not only comment or share a post, but to like their page. There are many apps that can help randomly select winners from comments or likes.

Engaging content
If you share content people are also want to share, you drastically increase your chances of not only getting views, but also obtaining more likes and followers. Small businesses often make the mistake of just posting about their business and sales oriented topics. While it is good to provide information pertaining directly to your business, be sure to also share posts that entertain, educate and inform. These can be concepts related to your industry or just be simple motivational quotes, memes and humor.