Hobby Lobby Defies Stay-at-Home Orders, Reopening Some Stores


Despite sweeping stay-at-home orders and the closures of non-essential businesses, one retailer has attempted to skirt the recommendations of federal and state governments.

Officials were forced to take action against Hobby Lobby for opening various locations across the country amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Governors across the United States have issued stay-at-home orders, with health officials urging Americans to practice social distancing. Local authorities in Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin made moves to shut down still-open Hobby Lobby stores, the New York Times reports.

W. Eric Kuhn, senior assistant state attorney general of Colorado, sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company after they made plans to reopen their stores in the state. Meanwhile, Dave Yost, Ohio's attorney general, revealed on Twitter that he had sent a similar warning to stores in the area.

Apparently, Hobby Lobby has complied with requests to close their stores.

"Same rules for everybody. It's hard. It hurts. But it's about saving lives," Yost tweeted.

While some Hobby Lobby stores in Indiana appeared to have closed up on Thursday, three locations had employees answering phones. Any questions about their hours of operation during the outbreak were directed to their corporate office.

Hobby Lobby has more than 900 stores across 46 states.

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