Hospital Staff Cheers on Coronavirus Patient Leaving ICU in Emotional Video


As many continue to lose their lives during the coronavirus outbreak, many are also recovering.

A woman from Georgia who was treated for COVID-19 has made considerable progress, and received a heartwarming celebration upon her discharge from the intensive care unit, reported People.

Crisp National Hospital in Cordele, Georgia, posted the emotional video of her departure on their Facebook account. The video features the woman, who the hospital refers to as "Mrs. Jones," getting applause from employees as she made her way out of the ICU.

“There is so much sadness and grim news surrounding COVID-19, here is something that will surely brighten your day,” the hospital captioned the Facebook post.

Mrs. Jones is the first patient in that hospital to recover well to be transferred to Med-Surg after being intubated and treated in the ICU.

In the video, several doctors and nurses can be seen clapping for Jones as she waves at them. Jones is seen being pushed in a wheelchair while being transferred to her new floor.

For protection, Jones and other hospital workers wore their protective gear to keep them safe from the virus.

So far, the hospital reported that 240 people tested for coronavirus. Out of those 240 patients, 72 were positive, 124 were negative, with the remaining results still pending.

The virus has spread throughout the world since the first cases were detected in central China in December.

Johns Hopkins University created data surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, which then was turned into an interactive map.

As of April 12, 555,313 cases have been reported in the United States.

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