How You Take Your Coffee Says A Lot About You


You might be revealing more about yourself than you realize when you place an order at Starbucks.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans looked at the differences in personality traits based upon if they usually took their coffee black, with milk or some other creamer, or milk and sugar, reported the New York Post.

According to the research conducted by One Poll, black coffee drinkers were more likely to be introverts and light sleepers, while those who enjoy some cream in their cup of joe tended to be extroverts and heavy sleepers.

Those that like their java light and sweet were ambiverts, meaning they are equally introverts and extroverts. They also tended to be heavy sleepers.

Apparently black coffee drinkers don’t mind seasonal affective disorder, as they were the only ones that picked winter as their favorite month. All other coffee drinkers chose summer.  Who doesn’t love iced coffee?

Your coffee preference could have something to do with the stars, since those who took their coffee black were most likely to be Tauruses, people who added milk were most likely Aries, and milk and sugar fans tended to be Leos.

The research was even able to discern what television programs people preferred based on their choice of caffeinated beverage.

Black coffee drinkers were all about their procedurals and said they enjoyed binging “Law & Order,” while coffee with milk connoisseurs were more likely to sit back watching Daenerys Targaryen burn everything to the ground on “Game of Thrones.”

Perhaps now we finally know who is responsible for that coffee cup blunder this season?