Woman loses both of her parents to COVID-19 within just one day of each other


A woman from Inglewood, California is mourning the death of both of her parents to COVID-19 within just one day of one another.

Brianna Trejo, 22, says the horror of the illness struck her home around the first week of January when her mother Cindy began violently coughing.

"Her oxygen levels were low because she couldn't really breathe. And the last thing she told me was, 'Be good.' And I'm like 'OK.' We waved goodbye. And, I mean, that's the last thing that she told me," Trejo tells ABC 7.

A few days later her father Ruben became ill. He was a frontline worker, who sometimes works with the homeless community. Trejo told ABC 7 that she doesn’t believe her father contracted COVID-19 at work.

Trejo’s father received his first dose of the vaccine in December.

"And after that we're just like OK, he gets the first dose, we'll get it, and then we'll be fine," says Trejo. "But I guess we just ran out of time."

Just as her father was hospitalized, Trejo herself tested positive for the virus. They were both at Centinela Hospital at the same time.

But sadly, her father passed away on January 12, just one day before his wife, Cindy.

"I honestly couldn't think. I was just like, this just doesn't feel real," says Trejo.

There is a GoFundMe page to help with the sudden medical and funeral costs.

"I do have two angels, you know, my parents, they'll always be with me and I feel it," she says.

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