IRS Mistakenly Sends Stimulus Checks to Foreign Workers


Thousands of foreign workers overseas are receiving $1,200 stimulus checks.

Some foreign workers who lived in the United States at some point during the past two years have mistakenly received stimulus checks, reported Politico.  Many of them were students.

The outlet reported that college-aged workers received the $1,200 stimulus checks. Some decided to keep the check and spend it, while others have returned it. However, the Internal Revenue Service has not advised on what to do if anyone is in this situation.

Donna Kepley, a tax expert, said the error might have happened due to temporary workers filing taxes or other systems meant for United States citizens. Kepley explained that her company was contacted by many clients when some started to receive checks. 

"And so we had to try to figure out how to return it, which is not easy," Kepley added.

The foreign workers who reportedly tried contacting the IRS did not get through.

Unfortunately, if you want to call the IRS about your stimulus check, you're out of luck. If you have any questions about these checks, you will not be able to call and talk to an IRS customer service representative about an issue you are having.

One of the first things visitors to the agency's web page about "Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments" will see is a simple instruction: "Do not call."

Why can't you get the IRS on the phone? The organization has limited staffing where it doesn't have any employees answer the phones.

These workers are looking for guidance since they do not want to mess up their chances for a future visa.

Last month, several Americans shared on social media that a stimulus check had been sent to a deceased relative.

The Treasury Department has made it clear that the checks, which were mistakenly sent to the deceased, need to be returned. A spokesperson for the Treasury revealed they are in the process of developing a plan to retrieve the payments, which were directly deposited or mailed to Americans who have passed away.

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