Energy Efficiency Program: IT Optimization Cutting Costs in the Real Estate Industry

Audio: ComEd Energy Doctor Mark Hamann Part 3
IT Optimization
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Reducing energy costs for your business can add up to visible savings that can have a noticeable impact on your cash flow. Without consistent cash flow, it can be very difficult to expand your business, even when successful. Business owners should take control of their company's expenses and be aware of possible ways to cut costs. Businesses in the commercial real estate industry, and other areas, usually require a secure data center and much equipment to operate successfully, but analyzing their energy efficiency can often be neglected.

There are large benefits for real estate companies when implementing IT optimization as most offices must use several small data center closets throughout their building or floor. IT optimization can help your business consolidate equipment and eliminate wasteful equipment redundancy, as well as test for optimum temperature settings. A proper set up will help maintain optimal efficiency and can help save up to 20 percent on energy costs and even more in some cases.

ComEd Energy Doctor Mark Hamann discusses the benefits of IT optimization and how to arrange for a free facilities assessment.

Energy Efficiency Program: Facility Assessments Audio - ComEd Energy Doctor Mark Hamann Part 2

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