KFC Launches New Menu Item at Select Locations


There’s a new kind of “chicken” coming to select KFC locations, and fans are beyond excited for it.

While the fast food giant specializes in their fried chicken specialties, the chain is taking a crack at a plant-based alternative for vegetarian customers. The Beyond Fried Chicken option is a vegan chicken nugget made by Beyond Meat.

The plant-based option is coming to 100 stores around Charlotte, North Carolina and Nashiville, Tennessee. The launch acts as a test to see if KFC should expand its meatless options to other stores nationwide. The test will run from February 3 until February 23 or while supplies last.

KFC joins other fast food giants in an effort to create more meatless options for their customers. This past year, Burger King rolled out their new Impossible Whopper, a twist on the Whopper favorite made with a meatless patty instead of beef.

Even chains like Qdoba and Denny’s are joining the veggie ranks with options like Impossible Meat tacos and Beyond Burgers.

KFC, however, has a little something to brag about. While meatless options at other chains are made from a standard recipe, the Beyond Fried Chicken is a special, KFC-specific concoction that features the same herbs and spices found in the typical fried chicken order, Vox reports.

Since the rollout only includes a handful of stores, the KFC website has launched a Beyond Fried Chicken indicator next to locations found on the website, so you know where you can nab the meatless nuggets.

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