Landlord, 74, Arrested After Stealing Trump Flag Out of Tenant's Backyard: Police


A landlord in the Tampa Bay area was arrested after shoving a female tenant and stealing a Donald Trump flag that she had on display in her backyard.

On Monday, Joseph Mazzara entered the “closed” backyard of his tenant Lisa Marie Pelland and stole her Trump flag, according to an affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun.

While Mazzara, 74, owns the apartment building in which Pelland, 60, resides, he “had no right to enter the residence and was not performing his official landlord duties,” the police report states.

Mazzara pushed Pelland to the ground before grabbing the flag and fleeing the scene.

The victim told officers she had “grease/dirt marks on her arm from the defendant touching/striking her.”

The landlord was arrested on a felony battery charge, enhanced from a prior battery conviction in which he was found guilty of choking his daughter in 2017.

The man was released later Monday after putting up a $2,500 bond.

TSG reports that neither Mazzara nor Pelland have any party affiliation.

Mazzara was not charged with theft, though the document does not indicate why.

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