'I Regret Nothing': Maid of Honor Shows Up in Hilarious Outfit

Maid of honor shows up in TRex costume
Photo credit Getty Images

You’ve heard of a bridezilla at a wedding, but a T-rex?

That’s exactly what happened when bride-to-be Deanna Adams told her sister, the maid of honor, she could wear whatever she wanted to her “low-key” wedding.

But instead of a simple bridesmaid dress, Christina Meador had other plans.

"Christina sent me a text a year ago saying, 'I found my dress!' followed by a link to the costume on Amazon," Adams told “Today.” "I thought it was hilarious and told her she had to do it. It then became kind of a game of chicken⁠ — I don't think she expected me to be cool with it."

While Meador had her sister’s blessing to wear the prehistoric costume, guests were completely surprised when she showed up in the Tyrannosaurus-rex get-up.

“When your maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose,” Meador captioned a photo of the bridal party on Facebook. “I regret nothing.” The photo has since been shared over 38K and has over 19K comments.

Although most people expressed their support for the hilarious look, a few thought the maid of honor was trying to take the spotlight away from the bride’s big day.

But Adams insists she had no qualms with her sister’s funny fashion statement and explained how it even had a deeper meaning.