Meet Courtney, the New '80s-Inspired American Girl Doll


American Girl is bringing back the ’80s.

Good Morning America revealed that American Girl Doll has introduced a new historical doll, “Courtney Moore.”

American Girl showcased the new doll on its official Instagram. Courtney Moore grew up in 1986, and her rad style includes funky hairstyles, bright-colored fashion, music, and more.

“The ’80s are back, and we’re thrilled to celebrate this pop culture-defining decade with girls and their parents through Courtney,” Jamie Cygielman, general manager of American Girl, said.

“For nearly 35 years, American Girl’s historical characters have helped to bridge the past and present, while providing inspiring role models through immersive storytelling and imaginative play ... Likewise, Courtney’s story illustrates how to create positive change by standing up to fear, finding strength in every challenge, and developing empathy for others — qualities that are timeless and more important than ever,” the statement said.

The doll costs $110 and is available as an 18-inch doll with a curly sandy-blonde hairstyle in a high side ponytail. She comes with several accessories and wears a high-waisted denim skirt, a blue crop top, and slouchy faux-leather boots. You can also find 13 additional pieces that allow children to style her with different looks.

A two-book series written by Kellen Hertz explains Courtney’s background. She is an avid gamer who grew up in a blended family in Orange Valley, California.

When Courtney tries to have fun, she goes to the arcade to play games like PAC-MAN. Her dream is to create her own video game to inspire girls to get into gaming.

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