Mom Who Beat Coronavirus Finally Meets Newborn Daughter Just In Time For Mother's Day


Mother’s Day couldn’t be more special this year for one mom in New Jersey.

After battling and beating coronavirus, Donna Molina was finally able to meet her newborn daughter nearly a month after she was born.

Harley was due in June, but was delivered on April 2 after an emergency C-section following her mother’s positive coronavirus diagnosis.

"They did an emergency c-section, and that's the last thing I remember cause then after that I was out," Molina told WABC.

The publication reports that Molina came down with a 103-degree fever in late March when she was roughly 7 months pregnant.

She was then placed in a medically induced coma for 11 days and “intubated and on a ventilator.”

Molina recovered from the virus, but she had to test negative for the virus twice before she could meet her baby girl face-to-face.

"Her little feet, her little hands — it's just so amazing how someone so small can pull through and survive," Molina said in awe after embracing Harley for the first time on Thursday.

Footage of their first meeting shows that Molina wore a face mask to protect her baby.

She will be forever grateful to the hospital staff for saving her life and taking care of her daughter.

"The hospital was amazing: They worked on me, they didn't give up, they took care of me in the ICU, they saved her life, which was most important to me — and here we are together, two survivors," Molina explained.

While she’ll be spending Mother’s Day in the hospital,  she said it’s the “best Mother’s Day ever.”

Harley is doing better every day. She was born weighing 3 pounds and is up to 5 pound, 3.8 ounces. Molina looks forward to taking her daughter home in about two weeks.

While there isn’t enough research as to how coronavirus affects pregnancy, the  Journal of the American Medical Association published a report that suggested a fetus may experience “fetal distress” or stillbirth if the mother gets infected with the virus later on in the pregnancy.

Still, guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said there is "no clear answer" as to whether couples should wait until this is over to have a child.

However, doctors suggest pregnant women skip doctor appointments that aren’t necessary stating that the virus may put women at higher risk of complications.

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