More than 15 family members contract COVID after birthday party for grandfather who later died


A family in San Diego, California has experienced a nightmare after celebrating their grandfather’s 74th birthday.

More than 15 family members contracted COVID-19 after the party for their grandfather, who later died from the deadly virus, NBC San Diego reported.

Carlos Valadez is heartbroken and shocked after his father, Ruben Valadez, known as “Don Ruben,” passed away.

“I think the best thing he left to me is how to be a great man,” Carlos Valadez said.

On January 5, Ruben’s 75th birthday, the family planned an indoor gathering to celebrate their loved one’s birthday. Carlos explained how this was all his father wanted.

“He used to love to see all his grandkids in the house running around and he used to love to see all his sons gather around the house and cook some carne asadas,” Carlos Valadez said.

However, things drastically changed when family members began to feel ill.

“My 12-year-old daughter, she was checking on him every day and writing down his oxygen and temperature and he was good,” Carlos Valadez said.

As for Ruben, his condition worsened, and he was immediately taken to the hospital. After several days in the hospital, Ruben passed away.

“He was a great dad, a great friend and a hard worker,” his son added.

After Ruben tested positive, more than 18 family members contracted COVID-19. Carlos said his wife and two daughters were immune because they already battled the deadly virus in June.

Carlos is now taking care of all of his sick relatives who are recovering at home.

“Since my dad passed away until now, we’ve been back and forth dropping off food and medicine to my family members and, really, until now I haven’t had time to realize what happened,” Carlos Valadez said.

The family has created a GoFundMe page to collect donations for funeral arrangements.

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