Outbreak leads to more than 300 people exposed to COVID-19 at wedding


Health officials in Washington state are urging more than 300 people to quarantine after attending a wedding.

According to the New York Post, the Grant County Health District announced that more than a dozen attendees tested positive for COVID-19. The wedding took place in a private location near Ritzville, Washington, on November 7.

Of the hundreds that attended the superspreader event, so far 17 people have received a positive coronavirus diagnosis. Health officials also report that guests who tested positive have been linked to two other outbreaks.

Officials in the health department have asked everyone who attended the wedding to get tested and quarantine until November 21.

In Washington state, weddings can only have a total of 30 guests. However, indoor receptions are completely prohibited.

It has not been disclosed if the Ritzville wedding was an indoor reception, the outlet noted.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the United States, some people continue to still ignore social distancing guidelines.

In October, authorities said they broke up an indoor wedding party with more than 200 people in Queens, New York over coronavirus violations as spikes in cases in the borough have been raising alarms.

Sheriff deputies busted the illegal event at the Elite Palace in Maspeth shortly after midnight. Authorities said they found guests not wearing masks or social distancing. They said there were 284 people inside in violation of social distancing guidelines.

Both the manager and owner of the establishment were taken into custody and issued appearance tickets for multiple misdemeanor offenses, including violating the city's COVID emergency measure.

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