'MythBusters' Experiment Goes Viral to Show Importance of Social Distancing


A classic clip of “MythBusters” has been revived and is making its way around the web in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The clip is from a 2015 episode and documents the rapid spread of germs from the cold or flu.

While we already know that the coronavirus outbreak is highly contagious and spreads quicker than any other illness, the video serves as a good visual reminder that avoiding germs is virtually impossible.

It also emphasizes the importance of self-quarantine, social distancing, washing your hands, and avoiding touching your face.

While we’ve become all too good at avoiding people in public places, intimate gatherings aren’t any safer. In fact, they are deemed more dangerous because you tend to let your guard down around loves ones.

In the experiment, the lead character hosts a 30-minute dinner party. His main goal is to infect as many guests as he can with the fake drip attached to his nose that mimics the rate of a runny nose from the cold or flu.

The host touches glasses, passes forks, shakes hands, gives hugs and more before putting his six guests -- 3 aware of the experiment and 3 unaware -- under the UV light to see how the germs spread.

The verdict is pretty gross as 5 out of 6 people got exposed, proving that it’s incredibly difficult to avoid germs even when you try.

It also proves that being a germaphobe pays off, but it’s probably best to just stay at home, wait for this whole thing to blow over, and minimize the risk to others, especially the elderly.

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