President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order on Policing

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on police reform and delivered remarks in the wake of the death of George Floyd on Tuesday.

NBC News reported that the president would deliver remarks in the Rose Garden and sign the order, which is titled "Safe Policing for Safe Communities."

"Both public safety and public trust are crucial to the law enforcement mission," the White House said in a tweet. "Tomorrow's Executive Order will uphold clear and high policing standards, promote accountability in law enforcement, and help equip police officers for constructive community engagement."

On Monday night, Trump told reporters that the order would have "some solutions," but didn't detail what it would contain.

"The overall goal is we want law and order," Trump said of the executive order. "It's about justice also. It's about safety."

The order would create a database to track police officers with multiple complaints of police misconduct against them, a senior administration official told reporters.

The package will also consist of federal incentives for departments to use non-police experts on issues like homelessness, addiction, and mental health, according to the official.

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