The One Thing You Won't Be Able to Get at Starbucks Anymore

Starbucks storefront
Photo credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

By Johnny Lopez

Stop the presses. No seriously, stop the presses!

You will no longer be able to enjoy reading the newspaper with your triple non-fat white chocolate mocha at Starbucks.

Well you can, if you bring your own. But starting September 1st, the coffee chain will cease selling the New York Times, the Washington Post, and USA Today at all of its 8,600 locations across the country, according to the New York Post. Print really is dead, y’all!

Apparently, the papers weren’t selling well, partly because many customers thought the newspapers were complimentary while they sat inside to enjoy their coffee, while others would take a copy on their way out.

It’s the end of an era, as Starbucks has been selling the New York Times since 2000 and later adding the Washington Post and USA Today in 2010.

"We are always looking at what we offer our customers in our stores and making adjustments to our portfolio based on changing customer behavior," a Starbucks spokesperson said in a statement.

“As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the overall experience in our stores for both partners and customers, we are removing select fixtures from our retail lobby in September."

Also getting the boot from shelves are packages of whole bean coffee and some to-go snacks.

Starbucks has been downsizing their non-coffee products for a few years now. In 2015, they stopped selling CDs (remember those?) and recently curtailed the number of impulse items, such as mugs, that are available at checkout.

As long as they keep bringing back pumpkin spice lattes, we’re all good!