NFL Correspondent Jane Slater Caught Ex Cheating Via FitBit

FitBits on sale.
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The latest holiday Peloton commercial has sparked some strong reaction from many, with some saying that getting a significant other an exercise bike could be seen as offensive, considering what it may imply about the recipient.

Some on social media have opened up about their experiences, good and bad, of receiving exercise equipment, including a story for the ages from NFL Network reporter Jane Slater.

Slater revealed how an ex-boyfriend got her a FitBit and the two synched up to motivate each other. It was a great gift, until she noticed some unusual activity one early morning.

“Didn’t hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4 a.m. and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app,” she tweeted. “Wish the story wasn’t real.”

To clarify any confusion, Slater added that he was not enrolled in an Orange Theory class at 4 a.m.

Her tweet immediately went viral and had garnered 468,000 likes by Saturday and there were a few replies to her tweet of other women sharing similar stories.

One of Slater’s ex-boyfriends apparently began receiving texts wondering if it was him, but she went to Twitter to point out it was not him, but someone else.

She jokingly added the biggest red flag was that her ex wore a backpack to college football games with sharpie containers looking for autographs.

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