Nurses Wear Garbage Bags For Protective Gear Amid Coronavirus Supplies Shortage


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Medical professionals are taking extreme precautions as they deal with a growing number of coronavirus cases.

Nurses in England found themselves strapped for supplies amidst the outbreak and were forced to improvise using garbage bags.

The picture, which was taken at Northwick Park Hospital in London and is now going viral, shows several nurses wearing the bags as personal protective equipment over their scrubs.

According to TMZ, one of the nurses in the photo said, "We are so disheartened with what we face day by day, night by night,” alluding to a shortage of proper gowns, masks, and gloves to protect themselves.

The Telegraph reports that the hospital is the first in the country to be overwhelmed by patients and declare an emergency on Thursday.

The hospital sent a message to staff saying it had no critical care beds left with dozens of patients in the ICU. Six total have reportedly died from the virus.

With an influx of COVID-19 patients arriving at rapid speeds as the virus spreads, hospitals all over the world are feeling the pressure.

Bloomberg reports Spanish hospitals have reported similar shortages, which has made treating patients more difficult.

“This is not the first world anymore—it’s a war,” said Samantha Gonzalez, a nurse at Txagorritxu hospital in the Basque city of Vitoria.

Northern Italy, which is inching out China as the deadliest center for the pandemic, struggled to keep up with the patients as many personnel fell critically ill themselves.

On Saturday, Italy announced its darkest day yet with the highest number of deaths at 793 and 6,557 cases.

Experts say avoiding infection means washing your hands, including the tips of your fingers, for 20 seconds, keeping your hands away from your face and sneezing into the crook of your arm and not into your hands.

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