Panera's Sourdough Bread and Baguettes Are Now Available in Supermarkets


Panera has made it even easier to get your hands on more of their most iconic menu items.

While fans have been able to score the chain’s sliced bread, soups and mac and cheese at supermarkets, now the sourdough bread for their delicious bread bowls is also available in store aisles, reported Delish.

The Instagram food account @Foodwiththebeast shared an image of the doughy treats inside a ShopRite grocery store.

“You can now buy Panera breads at ShopRite!!” read the caption. “Bread bowls, baguettes, ciabatta rolls, loaves and a few other carby choices!!”

The chain's Sourdough Bread is the same kind used in their signature Bread Bowls.

Now hungry fans can buy the bread, scoop out at the center and pour their favorite Panera soup inside and enjoy it just as if they were at one of the chain’s over 2000 locations across North America.

While it's unclear what other markets carry the chain's bread, ShopRite has locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Earlier this year, Panera gave coffee fans an added treat by announcing a game-changing offer.

The restaurant chain’s new subscription coffee service will let you have unlimited amounts of java for just $8.99 plus tax a month.

Entitled MyPanera+Coffee, the economical plan allows customers who sign up for their rewards program to enjoy a high-quality hot drip coffee, iced coffee or hot tea all day at any of their over 2000 locations nationwide.

In addition, coffee lovers can choose any size beverage in four blends including their signature light and dark roasts, hazelnut and decaf. Unfortunately, lattes, mochas and other specialty coffees are not part of the deal.

With Americans reportedly spending an average of about $1100 a year on coffee, Panera’s plan, which costs $108 for 12 months, could potentially save you $1000.

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