Patient Reported Dead From Coronavirus Found Alive in Alleged Hospital Mixup


A woman woke up from a coma and asked her doctor to call her sister.

The New York Post reported that this was a month after officials at the hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador told her family that she was dead, according to reports. The family since then has been left confused about whose ashes they were given.

Alba Maruri, the 74-year-old, went to the hospital with a high fever and had trouble breathing.

Doctors allegedly told Maruri’s family that she died on March 27. Officials at the hospital showed them a corpse in the morgue so they could identify their family member’s body.

Officials kept the family away from the body due to the fear of spreading COVID-19. Jaime Morla, her nephew, said he thought the body was his loved one. ”I was afraid to see her face. I was a meter and a half away. She had the same hair, the same skin tone,” Morla said.

Maruri’s family paid for the cremator of the other woman’s body. Almost a month after being pronounced dead, the woman woke up from her coma and contacted her family.

Johns Hopkins University created data surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, which then was turned into an interactive map. The map shows the spread of the virus since late January, and how time has affected the global outbreak.

As of April 25, the world now has 2,896,744 coronavirus cases. Throughout Ecuador, there are 11,183 cases and 560 deaths.

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