Patrick Hinds Launches New Podcast 'Obsessed With: Disappeared'

Obsessed With: Disappeared
Photo credit Obsessed With: Disappeared

Joining the ranks of true crime podcasts on the RADIO.COM app comes "Obsessed With: Disappeared" from Patrick Hinds.

Hinds, in collaboration with Broadway star Ellyn Marie Marsh, brings you true crime with a few laughs in a way that you've probably never indulged in true crime podcasts before.

Marsh, who has appeared in the likes of "Pretty Woman: The Musical," "Kinky Boots," and more, joins Hinds for a comedy-filled dive into Investigation Discovery Channel's hit series "Disappeared."

Photo credit Obsessed With: Disappeared

Beginning with Season 1, Episode 1, the two will make the criminals the butt of many jokes. They'll go through the series episode-by-episode to bring you laughs at the heart of some of the most chilling true crime stories, using clips from the show to help them along.

The podcast series will cover notable cases like Maura Murray, The Springfield Three, and Tanya Rider. New episodes are available every Wednesday.

"After 20 years of being best friends, Ellyn and I have finally found the perfect project to collaborate on. We both are obsessed with True Crime, and we're obsessed with each other, and we're both super loud, and we finally found the perfect way to combine all of those things!" Hinds says of the podcast.

Hinds is the mastermind behind the hit podcast True Crime Obsessed.

You can listen to "Obsessed With: Disappeared" on the RADIO.COM app.

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