People Are Testing Out a 'Dirty Keto' Diet

bacon and eggs in a skillet
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The highly trendy keto diet is one based around foods that are high in fat. But now, people are trying out the “dirty keto” diet, and it’s definitely not as good for you as the alternative.

According to Business Insider, the dirty keto diet consists of high-fat foods that lie relatively on the unhealthy side. We’re talkin’ beef jerky, bacon, sliced cheese, bacon cheeseburgers, and things of that nature. And the reality is, these things aren’t going to get you the same results as a normal keto diet.

While it can be tempting and satisfying to load up on your favorite, greasy breakfast and fast food staples, the real keto diet is one that consists of healthy fats.

Diet expert Dr. Walter Willett explained to Business Insider what constitutes a healthy fat, and as it turns out, it might not include as many animal products as you think it does. “Pay attention to the kind of low-carbohydrate foods that you are eating,” he says.

Put down the jerky and step away from the pork roll!

Some of the healthiest fats out there are plant-based and come from things like olive oil and avocados. One salad a day with these ingredients, and you’re already up a ton of healthy fats.

The one secret to getting your keto diet off the ground? Experts agree that sugar has got to go!