People Are Walking Strange 'Pets' to Get Around Stay-at-Home Orders


With stay-at-home orders in effect around the globe amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many are getting creative with ways they can effectively get some fresh air while dodging charges for not being in their homes.

In Spain, where strict orders allow you to go outside to walk your pets, some are taking the guidelines a little too literally.

On Friday, the Spanish National Police tweeted an image showing a man walking his pet goldfish - bowl and all. In the town of Logroño, the man was penalized for violating the stay-at-home order anyway, despite having a pet at his side for his stroll.

Meanwhile, on March 25, another person was charged with violating the stay-at-home orders as he attempted to take his pet hen for a walk.

Not all pets are created living, though. One man was confronted on the streets for walking a toy dog on a leash as police officials attempted to warn residents not to try to deceive them, CNN reports.

These instances aren't the only moments of oddity amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In many cities, people can be seen going out for walks sporting full-body animal costumes.

In the UK, one woman attempted to go grocery shopping while completely isolated in a zorb ball - an inflatable ball that encompasses one's entire body.

And while many are finding ridiculous ways to spend their time while keeping themselves socially distant from others, many still are finding ways to help the cause rather than attempts to curb it.

Kids are even stepping up to the plate, with one 12-year-old creating stylish face masks for healthcare workers.

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