PHOTOS: Stag charges antlers-first at man who allegedly threw food at it


Talk about going stag.

A man found out exactly why you shouldn’t feed the animals when a male deer attacked him after he apparently threw food at it in a park in London, England.

The moment was captured in photos that were shared by The Royal Parks, which oversees multiple parks in the city, along with a warning to other potential visitors, reports Fox News.

In the photos, originally shared by another Twitter user, a man seems to be feeding a male deer before, in another photo, the animal charges at him antlers-first to attack.

“@theroyalparks my friend took these pics on a long zoom lens today,” user Charlotte Wilden explained to the official account of the UK charity that manages eight royal parks.

“People feeding the deer from their hands, then throwing food at the deer when the deer decided they’d had enough,” the caption of the photos explained.

“So horrible to endanger the children in this way,” the user added.

The Royal Parks held up the photos as a cautionary tale to other visitors.

“Once again, we condemn this sort of behaviour in the strongest possible terms - when visiting the Parks with native wildlife, please refrain from approaching closer than 50 metres,” the Royal Parks wrote.

“In addition, feeding the deer does them harm, not good,” the account added.

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