Pillsbury Ghost and Pumpkin Shape Sugar Cookie Dough Is Now Safe to Eat Raw


While Halloween is still almost three months away, it’s not too early to start enjoying the seasonal treats.

To get into the holiday groove, Pillsbury has brought back their Ghost and Pumpkin Shape Sugar Cookie Dough, but added an update that parents are sure to approve.

Now the cookie dough in both of the ready-to-bake delicacies are “safe to eat raw,” reported Delish.

No more waiting to bake them as you can enjoy the gooey raw dough as soon as you open the packaging.

The Instagram account @CandyHunting got their hands on the new versions of the cookie dough whose packaging revealed 24 pre-cut cookies come in the 11-ounce size.

“Pillsbury Ghost and Pumpkin shape sugar cookie dough is back for the season!” read the caption on the image. “These are made with Pillsbury's new safe to eat raw formula.”

As far as where to get them, the account noted: “Found them at Target.”

Fans were quick to note their excitement about being able to eat the raw cookie dough safely.

“Way better to eat raw rather then cook em [sic],” wrote one Instagram user.

“Lol oh I've been eating these raw for years,” added another.

“Great idea for kids. Cookie dough snacks,” commented a third.

This isn’t the first time the cookie company has reformulated their iconic cookie dough recipe.

In June, Pillsbury Cookie Dough released a flavor of their iconic batter filled with pieces of one of the most legendary treats in the world, Oreos.

The packaging showed what looks like a sugar cookie loaded with chunks of real Oreo cookies and the label “safe to eat raw.”

The days of risking a belly ache - and your mom's disapproval - to enjoy the taste of the brand’s delicious uncooked batter appear to be on the way out.

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