Three Obama White House Veterans Have 'Unapologetic' Conversations on New Podcast

Pod Is a Woman

RADIO.COM's Cadence13 today announced the launch of a new podcast, "Pod Is a Woman," featuring three Obama White House veterans as they discuss the issues, policies, and news affecting Americans in 2020.

Featuring former White House Deputy Director of Hispanic Media, Alejandra Campoverdi, former White House Director of Press Advance, Johanna Maska, and former White House Director of Veterans Outreach, Darienne Page, "Pod Is a Woman" aims to discuss current issues and unique perspectives.

Showcasing conversations that are as relatable as they are real, Campoverdi, Maska, and Page will discuss everything from politics to pop culture alongside politicians, organizers, tastemakers, journalists, and more.

The three hosts will offer a woman's perspective as the country heads into the 2020 presidential election in November by offering unique insights on the issues and candidates.

The first episode will launch with special guest Dr. Jill Biden as the women discuss the race of the White House, issues on the minds of voters, and much more.

"Throughout our years working in the White House for President Obama, we saw just what was possible when people of all backgrounds come together under a common mission of equality and opportunity," the hosts said in a statement.

"We also experienced firsthand the leadership role women played in getting the job done. This moment will be no different," they continued.

They conclude, "At this pivotal time for our country, we're thrilled to partner with Cadence13 to create space for honest, unapologetic, and representative conversations that will cut through political noise and bring the focus back to the issues that really matter."

For more from Campoverdi, Maska, and Page, listen to "Pod Is a Woman" on the RADIO.COM app.

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