Police Use Terrifying Siren From ‘The Purge’ to Announce Coronavirus Curfew


This is not a test!

With the coronavirus pandemic altering life across the world and forcing millions to self-quarantine at home, many people feel as if they are living in a dystopian movie.

That sentiment was further illustrated by local authorities in Louisiana who used the ominous siren from the 2013 film “The Purge” to announce the start of a citywide curfew.

With residents of Acadia Parish under a nightly curfew and unable to leave the house from 9pm to 6am, the Crowley Police Department decided it was a good idea to have police cars drive around blasting the eerie alarm siren through the streets.

In the horror film, the air-raid sounding siren is the start of the annual “purge,” which makes all types of crime legal for 12 hours.

Video of the local patrol cars playing the siren has since gone viral after being shared by various people on social media.

While some found humor in the police department's audio choice, others had there nerves rattled even further.

“As if things aren’t bad enough, the Crowley Louisiana police department played The Purge siren to notify its citizens of the evening curfew,” wrote one person.

“These are clear and present scare tactics,” commented another.

After getting complaints, the police department disclosed they had no idea the sound was from “The Purge” and said they would no longer use any sirens for the curfew.

"Last night a 'Purge Siren' was utilized by the Crowley Police Department as part of their starting curfew,” the Crowley PD said in a statement, according to KATC. “We have received numerous complaints with the belief that our agency was involved in this process. We were not involved in the use of the 'Purge Siren' and will not utilize any type of siren for this purpose.”

Apparently, they weren’t the only ones inspired by the film, as an ambulance in Washington D.C. similarly roamed the streets blaring “The Purge” siren.

Video showed an American Medical Response ambulance driving through the streets of the nation’s capital blasting the siren with lights flashing.

The private ambulance company has since apologized and said the two individuals responsible have submitted their resignations, reported DCist.

While there have been four films in “The Purge” franchise, let’s hope there are no more sequels to the real-life sirens.

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