How to Prevent Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing a Face Mask


When people leave their house wearing face masks, they may also be wearing glasses.

Some may even notice that when you breathe, it causes your glasses to fog up. Today reported that it happens for many people, and several things can cause this. Whether it’s the fit of your mask or even the weather, there are a few factors that cause your glasses to fog up when you breathe.

Experts are now weighing in on ways you can prevent your glasses from fogging up while wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While your breath flows upward, this may be a sign that the face mask is not tight enough around the bridge of your nose.

Dr. Richard Martinello, a professor of infectious disease at Yale School of Medicine, said some “fogging up is normal.” He suggested that if you are wearing an adjustable cloth mask, you may want to try tightening it.

While adjusting the mask, you must change the position of your mask and glasses. Martinello said you could also lower how the mask sits on your face, “so your exhale breath exhaust is a little bit lower.”

Before leaving your home, you can also try to raise your glasses before you head out. In addition to doing this, people should avoid touching your face once you are outside.

Dr. Joel Burken of Missouri University of Science and Technology said that fogging up your glasses might mean that your mask isn’t allowing the proper airflow in the face covering. If you are using a filter to put underneath the mask, you should use one that allows more air to flow through.

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