Quiz: See Which Democratic Frontrunner You Align With Most (in Their Own Words)

bernie sanders, joe biden and elizabeth warren
Photo credit Getty Images

The Iowa caucuses kick off today.

The caucuses will be an important checkpoint in what has been a highly competitive primary election for Democratic candidates.

Candidates and voters alike will have to refocus, switching gears after the first two weeks of the Trump impeachment trial to the electoral voting event in Iowa.

But where do the candidates stand on the issues? Each candidate brings their own background and experience to his or her platform, even when an official stance overlaps with one of the others.

In a running field as competitive as this, it's important to turn to their own words to see where they stand — and whether you agree.

So you can better navigate the waters, we put together this quiz to help you find out which of the top-polling Democratic candidates you most align with, using their own words.

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