Rare 20-year-old Pokémon card could sell for record-breaking $500k at upcoming auction

That's one expensive Charizard.
Pokemon cards
Pokemon cards Photo credit Justin Sullivan / Staff
By The New ALT 105.3

A Pokemon card may fetch a lot of money at an upcoming auction.

British news agency SWNS reports there's a chance it will sell for $500,000, potentially setting a record for the most expensive card ever sold.

The 1st Edition #4 “Charizard” card, being sold as part of Goldin Auctions’ Holiday Auction, has drawn comparison to the legendary Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card due to the demand and high asking price.

“At first, the two hungered-for pieces might seem unrelated, but, after pondering the juxtaposition for a minute, real – even compelling – parallels emerge,” the auction house wrote on its website comparing it to the Mantle card. “Both items showcase larger-than-life figures who occupy center-stage in the fantasies of countless enthusiasts. Both pieces, especially in top-grade preservation, radiate a physical beauty which effectively combines attributes that resonate even with the uninitiated.”

The current offering is at $170,000 with nine day remaining. The auction notes that the card previously sold through a private sale for $250,000.

As far as rarity goes, this is the second rarest Pokemon card behind the No. 1 trainer card and more rare than the Pikachu Illustrator & pre-release Raichu.

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