'Relative Unknown': Documentary Podcast Series Tells Real-Life Tale of Murder, Mayhem, and Crime

Relative Unknown

Chronicling the real-life story of Jackee Taylor comes a new podcast documentary series from RADIO.COM's Cadence13 in partnership with RUMUR INC. Part of their C13Originals division, "Relative Unknown" dives into the true stories of murder, mayhem, crime, and family secrets.

Taylor, who has been hidden by the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) for almost 40 years, is searching for answers regarding the truth about herself. It's a twisted tale of darkness, murder, mystery, tragedy, and resilience, all brought on by one violent incident.

At the heart of the story is Jackee's relative, who is a former member of the world's most powerful motorcycle club. He also happens to be a sociopath, a killer, and an informant.

Taylor is telling her story so she can reconcile with her past and keep others from living the kind of life that she has.

"People in the Witness Protection Program rarely go public, and never has there been a character as compelling as Jackee," said David Beilinson, Executive Producer of RUMUR INC. "This series exposes audiences to the secretive and dangerous world that quietly exists all around us."

Taylor tells the riveting story about how she went from a 7-year-old in witness protection to an adult ready to speak out and take ownership of her life.

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