Pence Accepts Nomination and Other Top Moments From Night 3 of the Republican Convention


The third night of the Republican National Convention came and went with the Mike Pence's formal acceptance of the vice presidential nomination and a slew of the president's allies making a case for a second Trump term.

See the night's biggest moments below.

The Trumps join the Pences for 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

The night 3 proceedings came to a conclusion when Donald and Melania Trump joined Mike and Karen Pence while country star Trace Adkins sang the national anthem.

Pence accepts vice presidential nominationn

Coming out after a biographical video highlighting his Indiana upbringing and Christian faith, Vice President Mike Pence came out to address a crowd at Fort McHenry chanting "four more years."

"I humbly accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the United States," Pence told the audience.

Pence hit on major points of the administration and this year's campaign, touting the economy under Trump up until the effects felt under the pandemic which took the country by storm in March.

"In our first three years, we built the greatest economy in the world. We made America great again," Pence said. "And then the coronavirus struck from China."

Still, Pence defended Trump's response, "suspending all travel from China," an "action [that] saved an untold number of American lives."


Pence nodded to Joe Biden's role in the Obama administration in a plea made to voters.

"On November 3rd, you need to ask yourself," Pence said on stage. "Who do you trust to rebuild this economy? A career politician who presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression? Or a proven leader who created the greatest economy in the world."

He also addressed "rioting and looting," stating: "Let me be clear: the violence must stop – whether in Minneapolis, Portland, or Kenosha."

Richard Grenell boasts Trump's foreign policy

Richard Grenell, who formerly served as acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany, lauded Trump's "America First" foreign policy.

Grenell said he "watched President Trump charm the Chancellor of Germany, while insisting that Germany pay its NATO obligations."

He also warned voters that a Biden administration "means America gives the radical terrorist regime in Tehran a plane load of cash in the middle of the night," contrasting 2015's Iran deal with the death of Qassem Soleimani, when "Trump also sent an aircraft in the middle of night to deal with Iran" on a mission "to take out the head of Iran’s terror machine who plotted the deaths of Americans."

Clarence Henderson touts Trump, blasts Biden

Clarence Henderson, who participated in the 1960 Greensboro sit-in, said Trump "has done more for black Americans in four years than Joe Biden has done in 50."

Henderson condemned Biden's remarks that if you don't vote for him "you ain't black." Instead, the civil rights figure said, "If you do vote for Biden, you don't know history."

Lara Trump upholds Trump's character, family

Lara Trump came out to applaud the Trump family as "hard workers" who reminded her of "my own family."

Like many of the speakers on Wednesday, Lara defended Trump's strong support of women, saying that under the president, "4.3 million new jobs have been created for women."

"Female small business ownership remains at an all-time high. And 600,000 women have been lifted out of poverty, all since President Trump took office," she added.

She also praised her father-in-law's character. "That he loves his family. That he didn’t need this job. That no one on Earth works harder for the American people. That he’s willing to fight for his beliefs, and for the people -- and the country -- that he loves."

Joni Ernst shows up for farmers

On the night that the Gulf Coast braces for Hurricane Laura, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst praised Trump's response to storms in her state.

She also slammed Biden for "pushing this so-called Green New Deal," which she said "would essentially ban animal agriculture and eliminate gas-powered cars."

A dissident applauds Trump's challenges to China

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng spoke out about persecution he experienced for speaking out against his native country's "one child" policy.

He applauded the president for standing up against Beijing, saying, "The U.S. must use its values of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, to gather a coalition of other democracies to stop China’s aggression."

Jack Brewer: 'I'm fed up with the way he's treated in media'

After admitting that this support for Trump wouldn't help his popularity, ex-NFL player Jack Brewer spoke out against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and said Trump's advocacy for the black community has been ignored by the media.

"I know what racism looks like. I've seen it first hand," Brewer declared. "I'm fed up with way he's treated in media, who refuse to acknowledge what he's done for black community."

Madison Hawthorn: 'I choose to fight for the future'

North Carolina congressional candidate Madison Hawthorn opened up about the car accident that at the age of 18 left him paralyzed, and his determination to fight and prevail through a difficult diagnosis.

"I choose to fight for the future, to seize the high ground and retake the Shining City on a Hill," Hawthorn said. "While the radical left wants to dismantle, defund, and destroy, Republicans, under President Trump’s leadership, want to rebuild, restore and renew."

Elise Stefanik says Trump 'fought tirelessly' for Americans

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik from New York boldly condemned the impeachment trial against Trump.

"This attack was not just on the President, it was an attack on you — your voice and your vote," she said.

"Since his first day in office, President Trump has fought tirelessly to deliver results for all Americans, despite the Democrats' baseless and illegal impeachment sham and the media's endless obsession with it."

McHale makes overture to law enforcement

National Association of Police Organizations President Michael McHale touted Trump for his pro-police policies, in contrast to Biden, who McHale said "turned his candidacy over to the far-left, anti-law enforcement radicals."

He also condemned recent protests around the country, citing cities like Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York as places where "shootings, murders, looting and rioting occur unabated."

"The violence we are seeing in these and other cities isn’t happening by chance; it’s the direct result of elected leaders refusing to allow law enforcement to protect our communities," McHale said.

Lou Holtz asks voters to 'show up' for election

Former football coach Lou Holtz heralded classic conservative values instilled in him by his parents despite his "poor" upbringing, and which he feels Trump encapsulates.

Holtz also referred to the Democratic ticket as "the most radically pro-abortion campaign in history."

Holtz is thankful Trump ran in 2016, and urged voters to "show up" for the president this November.

A pro-life defense

Sister Dede Byrne, of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, made her case for laws against abortion.

"We must fight against a legislative agenda that supports and even celebrates destroying life in the womb. In fact, the laws we create define how we see our humanity," she says. "And we must ask ourselves, what are we saying when we go into a womb and snuff out an insignificant, powerless, voiceless life."

Kellyanne Conway: Trump 'defied the critics'

White House Counselor and Trump's 2016 Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway delivered highly anticipated remarks after her Sunday announcement that she was departing from her current role at the end of this month.

Conway says the president's campaign "defied the critics, the naysayers, the conventional wisdom — and we won."

Conway also emphasized Trump's "efforts on combating the drug crisis."

According to Conway, the president told her, "This is personal, Kellyanne. So many lives have been ruined by addiction and we’ll never even know it because people are ashamed to reach out for help, or they’re not sure who to turn to in their toughest hour.'

Karen Pence stands up for military families

Second Lady Karen Pence used her speech as an opportunity to share the stories of veterans whose stories she has come to know, and highlighted the administration's support of military families.


"President Trump and Vice President Pence have been supporting our United States Armed Forces, including our military families, on a significant scale," she says.

Kayleigh McEnany talks call from Trump

9:11pm — White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made a personal plea of support for Trump, sharing an anecdote of how the president and first lady called her after she received a mastectomy for "a mutation that put my chances of breast cancer at 84 percent."


She commended the president for his show of support and said she was "blown away" by his kindness.

A case for school choice

Tera Lee Myers, the mother of a child with special needs named Samuel, lauded the president for his acceptance and support of her son when they met.

"Unlike the doctor who told me to end Samuel’s life before it even began, President Trump did not dismiss my son, he showed Samuel he valued him and was proud of what he accomplished," she said.

She also made her case for school choice, saying it allowed her to find the right education that her son needed. "When I inquired about functional learning I was told 'this is all you get, like it or not,'" she says. "I did not like it. One size did not fit all."

Kellogg commends Trump's strength as well as peace keeping

Keith Kellogg, national security adviser to Mike Pence, applauded Trump for his national security strategy during his first term — specifically, "every major foreign policy and national security decision."

Kellogg maintained that the president's foreign decision-making wasn't just a show of strength, however. "He believes in seeking peace instead of perpetual conflict."

Logger not out of forest until second Trump term

Scott Dane, of the Associated Contract Loggers & Truckers of Minnesota, made a strong showing in support of Trump on behalf of his industry.


Dane said "radical environmentalists were allowed to kill the forests," and spoke out against the Obama administration and Joe Biden, who he said "hasn’t done anything for the timber industry."

Kristi Noem lambasts protests

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem took the stage, condemning protests underway across the country.


"There’s looting, chaos, destruction, and murder," Noem said. "People that can afford to flee have fled. But the people that can’t — good, hard-working Americans — are left to fend for themselves."

A prayer for those in path of Hurricane Laura

Rabbi Spero kicked off night 3 with a prayer for Americans in Texas and Louisiana in the path of Hurricane Laura, which on early Wednesday the National Hurricane Center declared would hit Texas and Louisiana with an "unsurvivable storm surge."

"President Trump has stood up forcefully against those who are corrupting the term 'social justice' so as to deny Americans their birthright and these divine gifts," Spero said during his opening remarks.


What to Expect on Night 3 (6:39pm)

The Republican National Convention continues with night three on Wednesday.

One of the most anticipated appearances of the evening will be by Kellyanne Conway.

As a longstanding counselor to President Donald Trump, Conway’s presence at the convention was a matter of fact until a few days ago. On Sunday night, she announced that she was stepping down from her White House role at the end of this month, leaving many to wonder whether she would appear at the RNC at all.

Wednesday’s convention night will also feature appearances from Lara Trump, wife of the president’s son Eric, former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, and will be topped with an address from Second Lady Karen Pence and a headline speech from Vice President Mike Pence.

Tuesday evening's convention featured a list of appearances by GOP allies and overtures to Trump's base. In a speech from the new Rose Garden at the White House, Melania Trump made a call for civility, while viral Covington High School student Nicholas Sandmann used his speech as an opportunity to call out cancel culture. The president also made multiple appearances himself, pardoning convicted bank robber-turned-activist Jon Ponder and taking part in the naturalization ceremony of five new Americans to highlight legal immigration.

On Monday, Donald Trump was formally renominated early in the day for the convention's first event on the week. Later the same night, a primetime roster of GOP lawmakers as well as Trump allies and family members delivered speeches, including former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, Mark and Patricia McCloskey and Donald Trump Jr.

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