Supreme Court Rules New York Prosecutor Can Get Trump's Tax Returns


The Supreme Court ruled that the Manhattan district attorney can obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns in a session on Thursday morning.

The day marks the final day of the term, SCOTUS announced in a press release.

The cases in question assess the access of officials to a variety of Trump’s financial documents, reports CNN.

The first concerns whether Trump can block the House of Representatives, controlled by Democrats, from accessing financial and banking records from his accounting firms and banks.

The second regards whether a subpoena for the president’s tax returns from a New York prosecutor can be blocked by Trump, or if it has to be enforced.

During oral arguments, court justices maintained focus on Trump’s attempts to protect his documents. However, the court told the president’s lawyers to consider the future ramifications of a decision on the separation of powers.

For their part, Trump’s attorneys held a staunch defense, calling the House subpoenas “unprecedented in every sense” and requesting a “temporary presidential immunity” against the New York prosecutor’s subpoena.

The decision will be significant, especially during an already unpredictable election year.

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