'Coronavirus Daily': Sheryl Sandberg Explains How Facebook Aims to Help Small Businesses


The most recent episode of "Coronavirus Daily" explores the importance of testing and the options that have seen success in certain patients. Additionally, tech titan Sheryl Sandberg opens up on giving small businesses a boost.

This week, Los Angeles made testing widely available for all residents - whether or not they have symptoms. However, depending on the test you receive, they all differ in efficacy in actually diagnosing the coronavirus, the podcast explains.

Additionally, there are tests that tell patients who have recovered whether or not they have the antibodies needed to protect others from the virus as well.

Plasma donations have spiked with people who have had the virus donating their antibodies, hoping to help people who are suffering worse fates from the illness.

The administration put into place to help small businesses have instead offered funds to large companies like Shake Shack. Now, many are attempting to do their part to help smaller businesses benefit from additional funds.

Experts are brainstorming ways to put other programs into place to benefit small businesses who employ fewer than 50 people.

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg talks about the $100 million program the platform started to help small businesses.

"These are hard times, and we really want to help small businesses not just survive this but eventually come back and thrive," Sandberg explains.

"Our only qualifications to apply are that you've been in business at least a year, and that you have between 2 and 50 employees. We want to make sure we're helping truly small businesses," Sandberg says of the regulations for applying for aid through the program.

"If you've never used Facebook, you can still apply. That's not being taken into account," she continues.

Sandberg went on to describe the free products the Facebook platform offers, allowing even the smallest businesses to have an online presence. There is also online training and support available for those who seek those resources.

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