Single dad dies from COVID complications and 3 children test positive: ‘His kids were his everything’


Three children in California are now left without their single father after he passed away due to COVID-19 complications.

According to family members, the children are now battling coronavirus themselves, People reported.

Abraham Amezcua’s relatives made a plea on GoFundMe after his children, Moses, 13, and twins Antonio and Sydney, 11, tested positive for COVID-19 several days after their father’s death.

On the fundraiser’s page, the family explained how the 59-year-old father was found dead in his home by his eldest son after experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

“He was battling COVID-19 at home and did not make it through the night,” the campaign’s description read. “Earlier this year, he went on disability and like many others was doing his best to keep a roof over his children’s head and food on the table. After a few months, he could not keep up on the bills, he became sick with COVID, and passed.”

According to the GoFundMe, the children “have also contracted COVID and are currently in isolation” in a home that is six months behind in rent and utility payments.

The father was a longshoreman at the Port of Los Angeles. At the beginning of the pandemic in March, he stopped working due to concerns about bringing the virus home to his children. However, Amezcua returned to work in November to be able to afford Christmas presents for his kids.

Reports say he started coughing two days later and stayed home to self-isolate.

“He was definitely a loving father,” Amezcua’s niece Eden Castaneda said. “His kids were his everything. He absolutely loved his kids with all of his heart.”

Amezcua’s children are now in the care of their aunt.

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