3 Mobile CRM Apps for Your Small Business

CRM Apps
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By Small Business Pulse

The job of a top sales representative can be a daunting in task, but with an amazing CRM tool, today's sales force is faster, stronger and more capable than ever before. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications allow for a more streamlined approach to your sales initiatives.

Today's CRM tools contribute to an increase in sales with the ability to nurture qualified leads faster, boost efficiency and productivity, make sound decisions that build business equity, provide a level of data security, and allow more mobility in operations with ready and available information at your fingertips.

There are great free tools available, as well as paid CRM tools. Whether you're an iOS or Android user, here is a great list in terms of cost and features that will allow you to determine which tool is the best tool for you.


Pros: Hubspot is tried and true. It is reliable and a solid first choice for a CRM app, especially if you're relatively new to the space. It has great integration capabilities such as HubSpot CRM integrating with Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Once familiarized with the platform, you'll have an opportunity to upgrade to the paid plans.

Cons: There can be many costly added services. While HubSpot offers a lot of bang for your buck, it can also become quite costly to your bottom line.

Bottom Line: If you're new to the CRM space, HubSpot is the perfect place to start. If you currently use its amazing marketing tools, integrating your existing tools with HubSpot's CRM platform mix would work seamlessly.


Pros: When it comes to a crowd pleaser, Freshsales is the top-rated tool among sales professionals. According to FitSmallBusiness, it has been described as the best tool for businesses that want a low-cost, mobile CRM for appointment-based field sales. According to PCMag.com, it offers the best premium tiers that come with robust integrations that you can use for free.

Cons: While Freshsales offers a low-cost model, its lack of top third-party integrations keeps it a step behind the leading providers.

Bottom Line: This is another great free app that's very easy to use and takes care of many manual tasks such as logging phone calls, tracking emails, and customer research. Even its premium model offers five pricing tiers to help the new user ease into the process. The only difficulty is access to more third-party integrations.

Zoho CRM

Pros: According to FitSmallBusiness, Zoho is the perfect CRM app for teams that want end-to-end sales management, including invoicing, in a single application. Zoho is crafted with a wide range of email marketing tools that take your social selling to the next level. According to PCMag, the comprehensive reporting and workflow features offer an impressive advantage for users. In addition, Zoho’s free model allows up to ten available users.

Cons: The robust features are only available on the premium model.

Bottom Line: According to PCMag, Zoho may not win the crown completely with functionality or customizations, however, it provides low-cost, easy-to-use marketing and reporting tools that will enhance your mobile sales team.