Choosing the Best Mobile Credit Card Payment for Your Small Business

Mobile Payment
Photo credit Nattakorn Maneerat/Getty Images
By Small Business Pulse

Accepting mobile credit card payments is almost a must for any small business. Clients expect to be able to pay via credit card when they are purchasing a product or service. More importantly they expect for it to be an easy and trustworthy transaction.

Small businesses can increase customer satisfaction by adding to their payment process a mobile app that accepts credit cards. The top three well-known and secure platforms that provide this are PayPalSquare and Intuit. It can be trying as a small business owner, especially those that aren’t as into the finance world, to decide which platform to use.

Financial expert, Audrey Blackburn of Blackburn Consulting, shares some insight into mobile credit card payment apps. Additionally, as a small business owner herself she understands the complexities of running a small business and shares she even uses both PayPal and Intuit in her business.

Whether purchasing items online or getting a payment, PayPal has become a mainstream name in online payments. Blackburn shares two great reasons small businesses will want to use PayPal. First of all, many people have a Paypal account already so are familiar and comfortable with the platform. Secondly, she states, “You can have business owners pay in full for anything over $99, and they can receive 6 months no payments, no interest through Paypal credit [if approved] and they can pay back the amount over time. This is very enticing to small business owners who may need some flexibility in their cash flow.”

One of the biggest advantages of Square is it being so common place now at businesses that almost everyone trusts it and knows how to use it. Small business owners will love that when they sign up, they will receive a free reader. Plus, it can be plugged into mobile devices, making it easy to accept payments anywhere. Customers will love that it’s easy not just in processing a payment, but once a person uses Square with their credit card, it will automatically remember an email address associated with that card, therefore making future purchases even easier. A receipt would conveniently go right to their email automatically.

For those small businesses that use QuickBooks, especially the online version, Intuit will be the easiest way to accept mobile credit card payments. Blackburn elaborates that, “The invoice is sent through QuickBooks Online and the client clicks ‘pay now’ and can pay you with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex Ex, Discover or through a bank transfer. Bank transfers are the cheapest as a merchant customer. Clients pay faster since the one click option is in their invoice.”