How a Facilities Assessment Can Drastically Improve Energy Efficiency for Your Business

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Facilities Assessment
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As most of us do not have access to unlimited funds, it is important to judiciously decide where it is best to spend your money on your business. Upgrading your business facility may seem impossible when so many expenses must be paid, but in the long run you could see savings that will carry over for years to come. The first step to see what worthwhile improvements should be made is to request a free facilities assessment.

A facilities assessment will reveal any opportunities where you can increase energy efficiency and reduce your costs. Often, business owners do not realize how they are wasting energy.

ComEd Energy Doctor Ed Krembuszewski explains how business owners can work with engineers to decrease energy use in their facility. Checking historical data as well as understanding day-to-day business operations will help evaluate areas to determine where there are inefficiencies.

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