Energy Efficiency Program: Lighting for Commercial Real Estate

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Commercial Real Estate
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Expenses can add up quickly when running a business. For some businesses, reducing costs can be more beneficial when done so in specific areas. The commercial real estate business can require lots of energy use, consuming a chunk of your operational costs.

ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman addresses the importance of lighting considerations in commercial real estate. Lighting accounts for almost 40 percent of energy usage, which can potentially take up a significant amount of your overall energy costs. In some cases, you could be spending more on lighting than heating and cooling.

An engineer can provide you with a facilities assessment to help identify how your company's operational efficiency can be maximized. Improvements to your property can be made with an energy efficiency road map, which will address the necessary steps to take going into the future. ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman explains what you can do to reduce energy costs in commercial real estate.

Energy Efficiency Program: Lighting in the Retail Industry - ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman Part 2

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