How Chicago's Marriott Hotel Saw Big Savings With an HVAC Upgrade

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Chicago's Magnificent Mile
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Efficient and effective business operations are key to a successful business. With energy use being a necessity to run most businesses, cutting costs by upgrading to energy efficient equipment can give entrepreneurs the opportunity to spend money in other areas, such as employee satisfaction or marketing. The following is an example of how ComEd's Energy Efficiency Program can save businesses a significant amount of money by reducing energy use.

The Chicago Marriott Downtown Hotel on Magnificent Mile was in the process of a large retrofit when they took part in ComEd's Energy Efficiency Program. The hotel's two aging chillers were in need of an upgrade. This led to replacing them with three smaller-energy efficient chillers, which also provided more flexibility. The Marriott will be saving approximately $100,000 per year for their cooling system upgrade.

During the upgrade process, a huge benefit to the hotel was being able to provide customers excellent service without any business interruptions. To continue business as usual during times of upgrades is crucial for businesses to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ComEd Energy Doctor Noel Corral shares how Chicago's Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile Hotel has been able to benefit greatly by upgrading their HVAC system.

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