Upgrade Your HVAC System & Save Your Business Money

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HVAC Upgrade
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Electricity is a necessary expense when running any business. As business expenses add up it can become critical to take advantage of any opportunities to save money where you can. Reducing your energy use can have a big impact on your electric bill, especially for larger facilities such as hotels.

HVAC systems are essential for any building or office and can run up your electricity bill quickly. Within the hospitality sector, 70 percent of electricity consumed is contributed to lighting and HVAC systems. Making upgrades and modernizing your HVAC equipment can result in significant savings.

Hotels can decrease their energy use and increase their Energy Star score by upgrading their HVAC system. The importance of cash flow and cost reduction for businesses cannot be overstated as they are crucial to the success of small businesses. Through ComEd's Energy Efficiency Program, their outreach staff can get you started on evaluating what programs and upgrades can benefit your facility the most.

ComEd Energy Doctor Noel Corral discusses how businesses can upgrade their HVAC systems and the impact it could have on your energy bill.

How Chicago's Marriott Hotel Saw Big Savings With an HVAC Upgrade - ComEd Energy Doctor Noel Corral Part 2

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