What are VSDs and How Can They Help Save Your Business Money?

Audio: ComEd Energy Doctor Ed Krembuszewski Part 1
VSD Facility Assessment
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By Small Business Pulse

Business expenses add up quickly and often unexpectedly, especially for new business owners. Savings of any kind can go a long way and while energy use is an invaluable cost, there are many ways to reduce your energy bill. ComEd Energy Doctor Ed Krembuszewski explains how variable speed devices (VSDs) can improve energy efficiency for your business.

VSDs are devices that are attached to a motor to vary the speed of the motor. Without a VSD, a motor will always run at the same speed and always consume the same amount of energy. VSDs can be installed on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) chillers, fans, pumps and air compressors to improve energy efficiency.

With a facilities assessment, a ComEd Energy Doctor will visit your business and identify any opportunities to improve energy efficiency, including the installment of a VSD where applicable. Customers can request more attention on any specific project they see as a great opportunity for effective upgrades.

Facilities assessments will identify the following:
• Projects to implement
• Budgetary costs for projects
• Annual energy savings
• Incentives available
• Simple paybacks

ComEd Energy Doctor Ed Krembuszewski discusses the impact of VSDs and how they can help save your business money.

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