Are grocery stores preparing for another shortage of essential items?


Chaos erupted when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the United States in March.

Due to the deadly virus, Americans stocked up on groceries to the point that there was a shortage of everyday household items like sanitizing products and toilet paper.

Several months into the global health crisis, grocery chains are again limiting the number of cleaning products and toilet paper that shoppers can buy at one time.

Several chains across the country are implementing rules to prevent people from hoarding essentials, CNN reports.

When shopping at Kroger, a spokesperson for the company said customers could buy a maximum of two such items. The spokesperson said that this rule applies to both online and in stores.

On the other hand, Christopher Brand, a representative for the Northeast chain Giant, said the company was “seeing little evidence of stockpiling, and there is no need to create panic.”

However, as the chain "remains challenged," Giant has told customers that they can only purchase one larger paper towel and toilet paper sizes and four on smaller sizes.

H-E-B, a supermarket in Texas, allows shoppers to purchase two items of disinfecting and antibacterial sprays.

While shoppers flocked to grocery stores when coronavirus began, a study conducted in June found who is most likely to stockpile toilet paper amid the pandemic.

Researchers then asked participants to fill out a psychological questionnaire and respond to questions about their toilet paper spending habits during the last week of March.

Throughout the study, scientists found people who hoard and panic-buy toilet paper scored high for traits of “conscientiousness.” That included people who are “organized, diligent, perfectionistic, or prudent.”

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