Starbucks Set to Launch Pick-Up Only Cafes

Starbucks Set to Launch Pick-Up Only Cafes
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Say goodbye to long lines at Starbucks.

The coffee chain is getting ready to roll out a new type of café that caters only to mobile and delivery orders.

The new express cafes are not intended to take the place of existing Starbucks shops, which are considered a “third-place” location for consumers to relax outside of work or home.

They’re meant to improve the experience for busy on-the-go customers. Get me a Pumpkin Spice Latte, stat!

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson revealed the first U.S. location will be in Manhattan and is modeled after the Starbucks Now concept already available in their China stores.

“What we’re using Starbucks Now for, and what will be Starbucks pick-up stores in the U.S., is to blend them in where we have dense urban areas where we have a lot of Starbucks third-place cafes,” Johnson told Bloomberg. “Think of it as a Starbucks pick-up.”

While the initial NYC location is still being fine-tuned, the company expects to expand to other high-traffic cities like Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Starbucks also plans on making more improvements including expanding its Uber Eats delivery service beyond 11 markets and automating inventory and shift scheduling at its 15,000 U.S. locations.

Those changes aren’t intended to downsize staff, but to free up their time to improve customer service and create more community-focused events outside those prescribed by the company.

And in a bid to try to attract new employees and retain current ones, Starbucks also announced they would be improving on the mental health care package currently offered as part of the company’s health insurance.