A New Offer May Have Brought Americans Closer to a Second Stimulus Check


Summer is almost over, and even though several crucial deadlines for a new coronavirus relief package have been missed, lawmakers may have just inched closer to a second stimulus deal.

After being unable to come to an agreement before the Senate’s August recess, political leaders may have come closer to a new deal late last week.

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows came together to try to reach middle ground on another stimulus deal.

Although the talks came to what Pelosi dubbed “a tragic impasse,” the Trump administration budged on negotiation limits the next morning, reports Fortune.

On Friday, the White House came up from its proposed $1 trillion package to $1.3 trillion.

House Democrats had previously come down to $2.2 trillion, from their original $3.4 trillion proposal in May.

While the new offers bring Democrats and Republicans closer than ever — with a $900 billion gap between proposals — the stalemate continues, and it is unclear when negotiations between political leaders will continue.

In August, President Donald Trump signed executive orders that included an extension of federal unemployment benefits, but at a new rate of $400 per week, $100 of which would be covered by state governments.

However, questions surrounding the orders have persisted, with experts unsure if the president has the authority to authorize federal spending, usually reserved for Congress, and how and when new benefits could be enacted, with some states having said that they would not be able to cover the specified amount.

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