'The Kids Are All… Home': Kids Can Host Their Own Podcast From RADIO.COM's Pineapple Street

kids on microphone
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In the weeks to come, kids may find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands.

But a new podcast from RADIO.COM's Pineapple Street Studios is offering children a creative alternative to sitting around all day.

“The Kids Are All... Home” is a podcast experiment for kids around the world who find themselves at home in light of recent coronavirus restrictions.

A podcast for kids with nothing to do, by kids with nothing to do, “Stuck at Home” encourages its listeners to also be creators.

Using a smartphone or laptop, kids can create and host “Stuck at Home” podcasts featuring news reports, interviews with family and friends, book and movie reviews, favorite stories, or anything else their imaginations can dream up.

A report on what’s in the fridge? An interview with mom or dad? Ideas for fun things to do at home? A live musical performance on an instrument? “Stuck at Home” will keep kids engaged with a rare opportunity to create the content that they want to hear.

With a parent or guardian’s permission, kids can record their podcast using a smartphone voice recording app or laptop and send to StuckAtHome@pineapple.fm.

“The Kids Are All... Home” podcast ideas, guidance and information can be found at http://pineapple.fm/stuck-at-home.

“So many of us are home with kids right now, isolated and trying to make sense of this deeply uncertain moment while watching our children process it too. Even after just a few days it seems clear that they have as much to teach us about how to get through this as we do them,” said Jenna Weiss-Berman and Max Linsky, co-founders, Pineapple Street Studios.

“But it’s not just about adults,” they continued. “Kids are missing school, missing each other. And we hope this project will be one small way for kids all over the country to connect.”

"The Kids Are All... Home" will be led by Pineapple Street Studios Senior Producer Eric Mennel, who just wrapped production on “The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow.”

Pineapple Street Studios will provide participants updates throughout the week on their podcast submissions.

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