The Ultimate 'Jeopardy!' Face-Off Is Coming

It was the "Jeopardy!" loss that shook the nation – James Holzhauer gave the correct answer, but was no match for Emma Boettcher who bid higher in Final Jeopardy. Now, the two will go head-to-head once more in the Tournament of Champions.

The "Jeopardy!" 2019 Tournament of Champions is a 10-day contest to see who of 15 past "Jeopardy!" champs can snag the $250,000 prize, USA Today reports.

The people competing will be "Jeopardy!" winners who earned their crowns at the most games since the last Tournament of Champions. (Sorry, Ken Jennings. That means you’re out.)

Joining James Holzhauer and Emma Boettcher will be "Jeopardy!" favorites like Josh Hill, Ryan Fenster, and Kyle Jones, who all secured 7 wins each in this year’s "Jeopardy!" season.

Holzhauer is a professional sports gambler who won 32 consecutive games, securing his $2,464,216 final earnings. That’s when Boettcher came in for the steal and won on a high bid.

Holzhauer’s grand total fell just $56,484 shy of the all-time record holder, Ken Jennings, who won a total of 74 consecutive games and brought home $2,520,700.

The “Jeopardy!” 2019 Tournament of Champions will run from November 4th until November 15th.